Mom's Little Angel :
Stories of the Special Bond Between Mothers and Daughters

3,000 copies sold

All in all, drawing from the daughter-mom correspondence and my observations of the three women in my household, I amassed a beautiful portrait of the unique and special bond between mothers and daughters. Some may opine that one parental relationship is more important to the daughter than the other, but determining such is not the objective of this book. Rather, I simply wanted to pay tribute to mothers and daughters for what they share and how they enrich the lives of those nearest them. For as much as I'd like to believe that I'm an awesome dad and my daughter and step-daughter have bonded with me solely on the merits of my interactions with them, I know that the truth is I could never have become as close to either of them if not for help and influence of their mothers.

Reader Reviews:
"As you read the beautiful stories and look at the touching photos, you are reminded of all the reasons that you love your mother or love being a mother. Everyone can relate to this collection of stories because everyone has a mom. It would be good to buy for holidays, birthdays, a wedding day, or just because you want to show your loved one how much they mean to you. It is a gift that would last a lifetime as the stories touch your heart and the photos touch your soul. I caught myself wishing that a box of Kleenex came with the purchade of "Mom's Little Angel" because you are surely going to need them! "

""Mom's Little Angel" takes a look at one of the most important relationships in any woman's life. It is full of heartwarming stories and quotes that are sure to pull at every reader's heartstrings resulting in both laughter and tears. This would make the perfect gift for every woman in your life. "

"I LOVED this book. It has such heartwarming stories in it. It is a must read for every woman that is a mother or daughter or will be one day. The stories are so real and touching. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you laugh. Gregory Lang really knows how to write about real feelings that moms and daughters experience. As a mother and a daughter I could relate to many of these stories. There is just such a special relationship between moms and their daughters. I would highly recommend this book for everyone to read. Even men who have women in their life would enjoy reading this and understanding better the bond between a mom and her daughter. "

"As a mother of 3 wonderful daughters, each of them will be receiving this book on their Birthday, with a dedication page to them. This book captures the true unconditional love and bond between a mother and daughter and puts it into words. This is a book to read, and read again. A must have for your library. "

"Gregory Lang captures the essence of the most powerful relationship in a woman's life--the one between mother and daughter. As you read this book of true mother-daughter tales, it will become apparently clear how this special bond provides the building blocks for every other relationship in a young woman's life. Read this book as a reminder of where you've been or confirmation of the path you're traveling! "


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