Why We Are Friends :
100 Reasons

Over 13,000 copies sold

What makes someone a best friend is, I think, a unique decision for each of us. No two best friends are just like any other two. For some a best friend can only be a same sex companion, but for others a best friend can be of any sex or age. Some would claim a sibling, a spouse or even a parent as a best friend. What is so special about the best friend relationship is that there are no criteria for it; it is simply a matter of personal choice, a choice based on personal matters. In fact there may be nothing in common about best friends, but no matter, because no one you claim as your best friend can be proven otherwise. They are your best friend.

Reader Reviews:
"Gregory L. Lang created a book that would make any recipient of it be touched forever. The 100 reasons that Lang gives are thought-provoking, meaningful, and most of all touch the inner being. The author also included photographs to depict friendship and complement the reason. This is a wonderful gift book to be given to special people in your life. Friends will appreciate receiving "Why We Are Friends" because, in turn the friend will realize how grateful you are for the friendship. I encourage you to consider this book. Your friends will be touched by the compliment you give them. "


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