Daddy's Little Girl :
Stories of the Special Bond Between Fathers and Daughters

18,000 copies sold

As I read these stories, I began to notice a few common threads running through them: fathers and daughters have a tremendous capacity to love each other no matter how challenged their relationship might have been at one time or another. Furthermore, I realized no father ever thinks his daughter is too old to call on him for help of any kind, just as eventually every daughter realizes she, no matter what her age, will always be her daddy's little girl.

You are about to read stories about dad and daughter relationships, some downright funny and obvious, others subtle yet thought provoking. Dads, I hope you will finish this book with the same feelings of enlightenment and inspiration I experienced while writing it. And daughters, after you've turned the last page, I hope you give your dad a great big hug and a kiss. I assure you, he'll be delighted that you did.

Reader Reviews:
"Daddy's Little Girl is a collection of short, inspirational stories about daughters and their dads. It weaves its way through the complex father-daughter relationship with humor, insight, and poignant moments. This book would make a fantastic gift not only for Father's Day, but anytime a daughter wants to let her dad know how special he is to her. The perfect dads of the world will have no use for Gregory Lang's book on the father-daughter relationship. For the other 99.9% of us fathers who are trying - and frequently failing - to be the very, very best dad possible, Lang's DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL is a heartwarming, informative and life-affirming exploration of the joys and travails of parenting. Lang's book interweaves his own parenting experiences with his daughter Meagan and stepdaughter Linley with those of other fathers or daughters who shared their special memories with Lang via snail mail, emails, etc. The stories run the gamut from birthdays, first dates, important father-daughter chats, leaving home, college, weddings and so on. Whatever the occasion and whatever the emotions involved, time and again what's revealed in Lang's story is the infinite capacity to love, to reach out, to forgive, etc. Lessons were learned, relationships underwent change, challenges were faced and often conquered, love grew. In short, DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL is a wonderful book, a great read and a reassuring testimony to the power of love. Recommended. "

"This book brought many smiles to my mouth and tears to my eyes, and helped me remember what it was like being my daddy's little girl. My brother read it and told me that I was the best thing that ever happened to my dad-what a compliment! "

"Daddy's Little Girl is an extremely uplifting and real life look at the relationships fathers have with their daughters. It is insightful and written in a way that both inspires and teaches. I would recommend this book to anyone who values their family relationships, especially fathers and daughters. "

"If you have a daughter, it's hard not to get a little emotional reading this collection of anecdotes compiled by Gregory Lang (author of more pithy books like Why a Daughter Needs a Dad: 100 Reasons). This is not a deep book, but it does get at a lot important truths about the importance of a father to little (and big) girls. Sometimes, that's also what dads need to give an extra push to their efforts. We all need to know that all those hours pushing swings and replacing toy batteries are the foundation of an enduring relationship that doesn't end suddenly at adolescence. There has been plenty of research that shows this to be true, but Mr. Lang, in this compilation of his own and others' stories, relates how this plays out in different ways. For the dad of a young girl, it also gives a not-always-comfortable look into the future when kids are grown up and dad is looking at what he's leaving behind as a legacy, rather than what he is building in the here and now. It may have you weeping into your Scotch before the end of the second chapter. "


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