Why a Daughter Needs a Dad :
100 Reasons

Over 1 Million copies sold!
New York Times Bestseller, Advice Hardcover, 2002 (#15), 2003 (#6), 2004 (#9), 2006 (#9)
USA Today Top 50 Best-Selling Books, 2006 (#44)

When I saw the first sonogram I could tell that our baby was a girl. Even though the doctor said it was too early to tell, I was convinced and thereafter believed my hopes and dreams about fatherhood were coming true. I was in the delivery room when she arrived. The first person she looked at was me. I was smitten instantly.

Reader Reviews:
"This is a perfect gift for a new dad. My first grandchild was recently born and I gave the new parents these books. The hundred reasons are all very sweet and very true and remind us of all the roles a parent plays in a child's life."

"This is not a deep read, just photos and short bits of wisdom. However, that's not to say it isn't emotionally resonating. I had tears in my eyes while reading and thinking about the role I have in my two daughter's lives. It is humbling and wonderful at the same time."

"This book will touch deep within a father's soul reminding you of what is really important if you have a daughter. Leave it to my wife, ambushing me by leaving this book on my bedside table. Best ambush I ever had!"

"This was an excellent book! My dad means the world to me and this book just explains how important he is! The relationship between daughter and dad is something special. This book is for every daddy's girls in the world!"

"My daughters bought this book for my husband for Father's Day; he was so moved by each sentiment that when his friend's wife gave birth to their first child a few days later (a girl!), my husband asked me to get this book to give to the new parents. He felt that it was the most profound gift for the occasion, not just for now but for future years, to be read and re-read at all stages of their daughter's life. If these pages don't touch your heart as you read each one.....you need to visit a cardiologist to make sure you still have a beating, functional heart"


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