Why a Son Needs a Dad :
100 Reasons

Over 490,000 copies sold

I think the role of being a dad is the greatest challenge and the highest reward a man can have. Reflecting on my dad and me, I know my child and I will have a wonderful, loving and long-lasting relationship because my dad and I have one. I know that in the end I will be satisfied with my performance as a dad because my dad showed me how to do it. And I can believe that I have been a good son because my dad tells me so. I love you, Dad, I do. And I am proud to be your son.

Reader Reviews:
"The photography is touching and beautiful and very creatively presented. They bring back memories of times with my dad. Money well spent on gifts."

"This simple and easy-to-read book was packed with many insights and perspectives that captured and challenged my beliefs and experiences as both a son and a dad."

"As a father of two teenage boys this book was a great gift to them. It helped us to remember who we are and where our relationship is going. It reminded me that being a dad is a wonderful feeling."

"I just wanted to thank you for writing such a sweet book for dads. I gave it to my husband for Father's Day and it made him cry. It is so nice to remind fathers that they are so special and that they offer so much that moms can't give. Your book really helped to bring home to him his importance in the boys' lives now and as they grow."

"What a wonderful tribute you have put together. My son just gave this to me for a belated Father's Day and I'm about to buy one for my father who lives in South Carolina. So many times we sons and fathers have a hard time finding the right words to say to each other when the moment arrives. Sometimes it's too late before we have the courage to announce our love or forgive those who have wronged us in the past. Thanks for providing a memorable book, which I will keep and cherish forever."


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