Why I Love Grandpa :
100 Reasons

Over 90,000 copies sold

It was my grandfather who first impressed upon me the importance of family, of tradition, and of loving one’s work. These are values that remain with me today, that I try now to impress upon my child. I have placed several photographs of my grandfather around my home, and have enjoyed telling my daughter about him when the occasion arises. Like me, when I was a young boy, my daughter has only one grandfather to enjoy. I make sure that they have ample time to spend together, so that she is left with as many memories of growing up with him as I have of growing up with O. L.

Reader Reviews:
"Thank you for writing "Why I Love Grandpa". Our granddaughter is a junior in college and she gave my husband this book for Christmas. It brought tears to his eyes then and again when he sat down and read the book. It will be a keepsake in our family and someday our granddaughter will have it to keep. I loved all the pictures and felt it captured what it really means to be a grandparent."


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