Why a Daughter Needs a Mom :
100 Reasons

Over 797,000 copies sold to date.
New York Times Bestseller, Advice Hardcover, 2004 (#10)
USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books, 2006 (#91)

A daughter needs a mom for many reasons, and by the very nature of the differences between men and women, some of these reasons may never be clear to me, but that does not negate their vital importance in a girl's life. Daughters need moms to help them to understand what is happening to their bodies, how to make sound decisions regarding boys, how to care for herself, how to care for her children, and how to care for her marriage. Daughters need moms because they understand that sometimes tears come for no reason, that bad moods may mean simply nothing at all, that chocolate is a necessity, that being silly is fun, and that everything does not have to be practical or in accordance with a schedule.

Reader Reviews:
"A co-worker gave me this book after the birth of my daughter. I've read it many times. It really helps me realize how important and wonderful a job it is to be a mother to my daughter and what roles I will play in her life. I'm purchasing another copy to give to my Mom for her birthday to let her know that I understand everything that she has brought to my life. Thank you Mr. Lang for putting these sentiments into book form."

"This book is the perfect gift for a mother! I cry every time I read it, and now that I'm having a daughter I feel that it means even more. Definitely worth having!"

"This is a great book! It is exactly what I was looking to buy my mom for her birthday. We actually share a birthday, so I like to think that we have a very special bond. Having a mom that has everything, it is difficult to find gifts from the heart, but with this book, I think I struck gold!"

"I just read your book and it took all of 5 minutes, maybe, but the statements on each page are all true. My mother died 8 years ago and I still miss her much every day, and I wish she was here for me to read it to her, as I don't know if she ever knew that I know all she sacrificed for me and my happiness. Maybe she was reading it with me today, maybe not, but it brought tears to my eyes, so thanks for letting me remember in detail what my mom was all about."


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