Why a Son Needs a Mom :
100 Reasons

Over 422,000 copies sold
New York Times Bestseller, Advice Hardcover, 2004 (#13)
USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books, 2006 (#108)

I do not know what my mother's dreams were, what plans she had in mind for herself as she grew up, where she wanted to visit or what she might have become if she had chosen to live her life differently. I am ashamed that I do not know these things because I have never thought to ask, but I also do not know because my mother has never uttered a word of disappointment about the life she has lived. I do not know of her regrets for she does not share them, if they exist, nor does she lament about what her life used to be like or otherwise give off signs of disappointment about what age has taken from her. Perhaps she has just accepted her life for what it is, thinking it is too late to change it. Or, perhaps she is happy with her life for what it has been. It is the latter, I like to think, because I know my mother has enjoyed being a mother, and a grandmother, and a surrogate mother or grandmother to those in need who have been fortunate enough to enter her life. I know this, because she never fails to seize the opportunity to act like a mom, to be there for someone.

Reader Reviews:
"The youngest of my mom's three sons, I now live far away from my family as a member of the United States Army. Living alone, I often reflect on all that my mom did for me and my brothers, both those things that we saw directly, and those things that we now know were taking place without our knowledge. This book is the very same recollection of these loving traits that only a mother can possess. It made me realize how very special a mother can be."

"I could not believe how this book has touched me. The author really gets to the heart of the mother/son relationship in a few words and amazing pictures. I couldn't stop turning the pages and anticipating what words of wisdom and illustrative picture would be on the next page. I'm not sentimental, but this book moved me to the point where I was smiling, laughing, and crying at the same time--without even realizing it."

"This wonderfully touching book reminds me that whether or not my teenage son shows it, he does need to hear about all the things I like and love about him, even if he appears to be annoyed by it or shrug it off. Just as I stand up to his resistance regarding homework, chores, etc., I must be equally stubborn when it comes to letting him know how much I love and care about him. Mr. Lang has helped me so much by reminding me of my purpose in the life of my son. I don't know if it's his intention to "minister" to his readers, but his book has certainly ministered to me. I feel like a better mom."

"All I did was unwrap the present and saw the title and started to cry. It was almost too hard to read through the tears! It was uplifting and definitely gave me a little kick of super mom! So if you know any mommies, single or not that have sons and they need a little uplifting, this book is absolute perfection!"

"I am sending you this in regards to your inspirational book entitled, Why a Daughter Needs a Mom. Thanks to this book I finally realized that I should show my mother more appreciation and respect for the wonderful things she does for me. Your book really changed my life in the best way possible. Thank you for your wise words."


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