Life Maps :
Simple Directions for Finding Your Way

Over 23,000 copies sold

I know I have to let my child go. I cannot keep her under my wing, not that she would she let me. Yet I asked myself, how do I let my daughter go before I am certain she is ready for what she will face? I thought of Meagan"s fear of becoming lost and my own fear of her losing her way. I suddenly wanted to write down some directions for driving, even for living, and stuff them into the folds of the maps in the glove box. I smiled as I imagined her pulling off the road one day to refer to a map, unfolding it and my hand-scribbled notes falling into her lap. Don't drive too fast, Follow at a safe distance, Keep a diary, Laugh often, and Come home now and then, they would say.

Reader Reviews:
"Today I read your book Life Maps: Simple Directions for Finding Your Way and I can honestly tell you it changed my life. I am going through a very rough time lately, however, something in your book told me to hold on to what I have and enjoy it. It is truly an inspiring book."


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