Why I Love You :
100 Reasons

Over 167,000 copies sold

One of life's great experiences is falling in love so deeply one cannot imagine ever being without the other. Whether a first love, a new love, or a rekindled love, we universally experience the wonderful feelings that come when we find that special person - the intense feelings of attachment, the euphoric passion, the promise of a happy future together. Some of us find one true love and keep that partner for a lifetime. Others have love that eventually fades, but remain ever hopeful of finding a new and longer-lasting love one day. Some have not yet fallen in love and are searching for the person that will fulfill their romantic dreams. No matter where we are in our lives or what else may occupy our time, we all wish to have someone to love, someone who will love us in return.

Reader Reviews:
"I gave this book to my girlfriend for our anniversary this year and she went out and told all of her friends about it and it turns out they are all buying this book for their spouses! Word travels fast when it comes to great books!"

"I would just like to thank you for writing this book. My fiance and I write love letters to each other all the time. I am planning on blessing him with this book on our one year anniversary coming soon. I just happened to stumble upon it while looking for bridal magazines. It made me smile, cry, and simply just blessed me. I love it! Too many people do not know how to express this kind of love anymore"

"I have found a woman who has made me feel alive. This holiday season her request for Christmas was a simple one - just give me something that is heart-felt. Your book was the perfect start. I added my comments to each of the 100 reasons in flaming red marker. It is great to know there is someone else out there who still feels like an eighth grade boy sometimes. Thanks for writing such a great book"

"I purchased your book "Why I Love You" and just had to tell you that when I read the "To Jill" page that it read just what is in my heart about my fiance. The words say so much about my love for her that I could not resist it. I too am one of those who dive in head first and let my heart guide me and help me through. I met my fiance a little over a year ago and fell in love with her almost immediately. We are engaged to be married this fall. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the book; it is like reading my own heart."

"As I read through Why I Love You, 100 Reasons, I found myself remembering the reasons I fell in love with my husband, and why I love him still. It reminded me to tell him more often WHY I love him. All photographs in the book were also taken my Mr. Lang, proving that, not only is he a talented writer, but also quite gifted at photography as well. This book would make an excellent gift for a girlfriend, fiance or wife. Any man who has difficulty expressing his emotions should present this to his loved one. Trust me. You will not regret it! "


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