Why I Chose You :
100 Reasons

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Raising a child is not a right, but a priceless gift. It matters not from where the gift comes, but simply that it is received. There can be absolutely no question that adopting parents are choosing to have a child when they adopt, choosing to open their arms and accept the precious gift that was created for them. It is this act that makes adoption different than having a child naturally. Clearly, many people who have babies choose to do so, but undeniably, some don't. However, one thing an adopted child knows for certain is that they were wanted and sought after by their parents. And as they grow up and realize the obstacles their parents probably had to overcome to get them, they realize even more what a blessing it is that they did so.

Reader Reviews:
"As an adoption attorney and adoptive mother, I was browsing through the bookstore when I came upon this title. After three pages I was a teary eyed mess because it presents a heartfelt review of why I adopted and why I practice adoption law for a living. It is truly an inspired read. I couldn't wait for my teenage children to read it. I am giving it as a gift to all of the adoption professionals I know."

"My twin foster children have been with us for almost two years. When I was Christmas shopping my foster son(we plan to adopt both)he spotted this book. He read two or three pages and insisted that we had to have this book. I of course was trying to keep from crying in the store after 3 pages. My son came home with his prize and proceeded to read the whole book to the family. Both he and his sister got more excited as he read. He had other things to add to what was in the book too. I basically was a blubbery mess. Not just a sentimental book though, there are a lot of very deep things in the book."

"I am a college student and my parents recently gave me your book. I was adopted from South Korea when I was six months old. I am now nineteen. Currently I am writing a persuasive speech on adoption and I will be using quotes from your book. I am emailing you just to simply thank you. That book is so inspiring and hopeful. My parents and I absolutely love it and the pictures are fantastic. They truly capture some of the great moments of raising a child."


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