Why I Need You :
100 Reasons

Over 39,000 copies sold

Children are loving, resilient, and forgiving, but they are also delicate and impressionable. They will forgive us for most of our mistakes as long as our intentions were well placed and we do better the next time, but they cannot thrive in our indifference, carelessness, or anger. Children have many needs that require the purposeful service of a devoted parent. While some of these needs are real only during early childhood, others endure for a lifetime and are staggering in their importance and effect if unattended. Some needs change, evolve, become less pressing, and others grow in importance as time goes by. Some needs must be met only once; others are never met but require constant feeding. Our children's own sense of worth is determined in large part by the worth they believe we have placed on them, which is demonstrated by how attentive we are to their needs rather than our own.

Reader Reviews:
"I am a soon-to-be grandmother, and I purchased this book as part of my son's, the soon-to-be dad, birthday present. I was able to read it before purchase, and I sat there and all but cried over the loveliness of the words and pictures. Very simple advice written with humor and accompanied by relevant pictures. If I could give it a "10" I would!"


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