Why I Still Love You :
100 Reasons

Over 6,000 copies sold

I think everyone has an older-generation couple in their family they look to as role models. We think of these people as role models because we see what we think are prefect or near-perfect marriages. We do not really know what their troubles might have been during their many years together, but we know that no matter what they were, the relationship endured the challenges they faced; the couple survived intact. Somehow they figured out what to do to overcome differences and stay focused on the love shared rather than the frustration or hurt that might have occurred. I wanted to know how to do that, too.

Reader Reviews:
"It was probably easy to rationalize your love for your spouse on the day you married. Will that love stay alive, that is, will it grow as the years pass? Or will it stagnate? If it's real, Lang believes, it will never die. And he explains through the books 100-plus pages, many of the reasons why this is so. The reasons will often appear familiar. "I knew that," you'll find yourself saying as you read. But we occasionally have to be reminded. Lang opens by relating the poignant story of his observations on the 50-year marriage of his aunt and uncle. It's the kind of relationship all of us hope for as we wed, but few seem to achieve. The pages that follow list 100 reasons--contributed by successfully married persons--why love is still real. It all sounds so easy--and maybe it's easier than we let ourselves think. The best use for this little book is to keep it handy and refer to it once in a while. It just might prompt you to realize how very fortunate you are to have a life's partner. "

"“A great follow up to ‘Why I Love You’. This book allows you to reflect daily on the most important person in your life, the one that you love. In our fast paced and hectic world, how often do we say 'I love you' to the ones we love? This book allowed me to visit it each day to tell my partner just how much she means to me. It gave me a starting point, and a place to expand upon things in my own words. I would recommend this book for any couple working purposely on keeping their love and their relationship alive. This gift would work for any occasion and I would highly recommend it.”"


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