Good Luck, Graduate :
223 Thoughts for the Road Ahead

More than 7,500 copies sold.

This book is in your hands because someone, likely a loving parent or two, maybe a mentor or grandparent, is proud of the moment to which you have arrived your graduation. Be it from high school, undergraduate college, vocational or professional school, whatever the case, you have met the challenge, you have passed the test, you have proven your worthiness and ability and shown your potential, and you are about to enter a new stage in your life, a stage where you can bring to bear the benefits of what you have learned thus far.

Before you is a free and diverse world, and within it a waiting opportunity to become a part of something larger than yourself - an opportunity to right wrongs, mend wounds, create something fabulous, or discover something astonishing. No matter what the opportunity may be for you, at its core is the call for you to use your gifts in a way that makes a difference. And I promise you, when you choose to make that difference, be it for one person, or a nation, you will have begun to define your good legacy. The time between now and then is your journey, and this book was given to you by someone who loves you and wished to assure you travel safely. Do, and remember to call home now and then.


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