Lead Love Serve :
100 Three Word Ways to be Like Jesus

More than 6,000 copies sold.

It is my hope that with the help of this book you will discover walking with Jesus means putting into action what Jesus has commissioned us to do, and that is to make the Gospel known to all people by demonstrating the love of God through our words, deeds and motives. Jesus charges us to take up his mission in our generation to bring glory to God so that his kingdom may continue to come through the work of his people - including you.

We cannot adequately demonstrate the love of Christ in the privacy of our homes, among only our closest friends or within the walls of our church. Instead, just as Jesus walked from city to city imparting mercy and grace to all he came in contact with, we are to be similarly intentional about imparting mercy and grace to others. We should do this as every opportunity arises, even if in unlikely places.

Imagine a world where you demonstrate one loving, selfless deed every day, and your deed inspires good deeds in others, which in turn inspires even more good deeds in still others. Your one act of Christian loving-kindness may ripple across the workplace, your neighborhood, even your entire community, resulting in immeasurable Kingdom impact, all for the glory of God!

Reader Reviews:
"Lead Serve Love was a book that was easy for me to fit into my busy days. It has three-word messages that apply to Christians and non-Christians alike. Examples include: Love the Unloved, Embrace Every Opportunity, Refrain From Revenge, and Forget the Past. While each message is accompanied by biblical passages that apply to the message, even though who don't have a strong faith could take away something from the three words and the message below. This book would be a great gift for a loved one who is going through a difficult time, is looking to restore their faith, or simply enjoys daily devotionals. As a mother, I can see myself giving a book like to this to my daughter when she is older and needs guidance because it contains wonderful lessons and advice about how to live a clean, generous life. I will be keeping this one on the shelf to reach for whenever I need a reminder of how I should be living. "

"Lead Serve Love is a simple, yet challenging book of 100 day devotionals. Each day focuses on a three word phrase on being more like Jesus, such as 'Ease Other's Burdens,' or 'Love Your Enemies.' There is a short write-up for each, followed by several scriptures on the topic. I appreciated the short length of the devotionals, since they were perfect for reading before starting my day or just before bed. The author stuck to his point very well on every section, making the topics easy to implement. It would have been nice if some suggestions for applying the themes had been provided, but because of their clarity, it isn't very difficult to come up with your own. The devotions were also the perfect blend of challenge and inspiration. I found them to be very reasonable, with a lasting impact. Each one was brimming with encouragement and wisdom. The book is small enough to fit in your purse, book bag or glove compartment, and the format is extremely easy to follow. This makes Lead. Serve. Love. an excellent book for your personal devotions, locating a few verses on a specific subject, writing articles, or giving as a gift. Because of the 100 day layout, this book can be read again once it is complete. I am planning to keep my copy handy for future devotional reading! "

"Lead Serve Love is an enchanting little gift book that is chock full of 100 three-word ways to be Christlike. It is part gift book, part devotional and part inspirational book. Lang shares a short paragraph or two and related Bible verses for each three-word big idea for the day which will leave you thinking long after you've put the book down. This book would be a welcome addition to any bookshelf and could be used for a daily devotional, Bible study or for character development with children. Lang conveys simple Biblical truths without being preachy with easy, hands-on ideas for how to put Christ's words into practice. The format and Bible translation is easy to read and understand and would be great for a Christian in any stage of their spiritual journey. "

"This book would make an excellent gift for a Christian in any stage of the journey. It would also make a wonderful Bible study for teens and adults alike. The book is a compilation of three-word phrases designed to help the Christian lead a more Christ-like life. Relevant Bible verses accompany each phrase. How exactly does a person lead a life that is more Christ-like? I have always struggled with this, since Christ was, well, Christ. How can an ordinary human live up to his standard? This book helps with this, taking key passages from the Bible and summing each up with a quick, three-word sound byte that makes it easy to understand how we can walk as Christ did. This is definitely a book that was meant to be savored slowly. Sure, you could quickly read through the three-word phrases, and you'd get something out of it from page one. But it would be so valuable to take each phrase one at a time, studying the Bible verses with each phrase, and reading further into the relevant Bible passages. This book would make an excellent Bible study, and I plan to spend more time with it over the next few months. "


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