Play Footsie Under the Table :
...and 499 more ways to make love last

More than 3,000 copies sold.

My wife and I each brought a daughter into our marriage. Now well into their teen years and more interested in and vulnerable to boys, I worry about how to prepare them for the thrills, trials, and tribulations of romantic relationships without causing them unnecessary alarm. I want them to enjoy dating, but I also want them to be appropriately cautious and selective about whom they give their hearts to. I want them to have deliriously happy, lasting marriages. I want them to never shed a tear over broken promises and dashed hopes. I want them to never know loneliness and despair. When I have these thoughts, I remember how I learned about romantic love watching my parents, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, and others close to me who had a way of relating that was unmistakable in its meaning, an intense love was shared, enjoyed, and reciprocated. These memories further compel me to be unfailing in my efforts to show Jill that I love her, for I know that I am also teaching our girls a valuable life lesson, that is, what true love looks like. It is an almost daunting responsibility, but also an honorable one that we fully embrace.


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