Thank You, Dad :
100 Reasons Why I am Grateful for You

Over 35,000 copies sold

Even though I now say thanks for the countless things my father has done for me, and I attempt with this book to give him his belated praise, the embarrassing truth is I rarely showed appreciation for what he did for me when I was young. I simply did not say thank you when I should have. Maybe I was naive, oblivious to the tasks and challenges of parenting, or just thought I was entitled to good treatment, but no matter what the excuse the fact remains my father did what he did with little appreciation shown to him at the time. The time to remedy that youthful error has come.

Reader Reviews:
""I recently gave this to my Dad. I was so happy to find a combination of words and photos that really put on paper what I wanted to say to him. If you love your Dad very much, and you feel you can't write what you want to say, this might be the book for you! Beautiful!" "


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