Thank You, Mom :
100 Reasons Why I am Grateful for You

Over 78,000 copies sold
USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books, 2007 (#113)

I have grown increasingly thankful for my mom as the years have gone by, especially now when as a parent myself, I truly understand what is required to set into place all the building blocks necessary to support and nurture a child for a lifetime. It is with this book I hope I begin to take account of and adequately thank my mom for doing all she could to make sure I had a happy childhood. She worked hard to make sure I received the support and opportunities that made possible the fulfilling life I've led. Simply put, she helped me to thrive and enjoy myself.

Reader Reviews:
"The past few years have been hard on my mom and I wanted to put together I nice gift basket for her. I bought this, along with the matching book 100 Reasons Why A Daughter Needs A Mom. My mom loves this book. Each page has a pictre and the opposite page a reason that goes with the picture. There is enough space under and above the reason to put your own picture(s) and write memories. I think it would make an awesome present for a mom if you sat down an filled the book with pictures/memories for each page. "


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