Because You Are My Son :
What I Hope You Never Forget

Over 11,000 copies sold

And now all these years later, years of saving, watching, waiting and praying, I still have high hopes and big dreams for the children in my home. I am not unique on that aspect of parenting, I'm sure. But one aspect of my parenting is different from the experience of many other parents: I do not have a son.

I've wondered what my life might have been like if I had also had a hand in raising a boy. When I've written about parent-son relationships it has always been from my perspective as a son, never as a parent of a son. When I've wanted to put myself in the shoes of a father of a son, I've thought of my dad and his relationships with his four sons, or my male cousins and their sons. Yet I know that this exercise has its limits. I've never taught a boy how to throw a football, catch a fish, start a lawnmower, or to be a gentleman.

Until now.


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