Because You Are My Daughter :
What I Hope You Never Forget

Over 14,000 copies sold

I continue to desire as much as anything else to be the best parent I can possibly be. As any parent knows, the happiness and wellbeing of your own child is the highest achievement you can hope for. No matter how often we may blunder as parents, or how often they may disappoint us, nothing quenches our love for our children, extinguishes our desire to see them thrive and prosper, or thwarts our ambition to have a meaningful role in their lives.

That is why we parents do what we do: save baby teeth and locks of hair, tempera paint masterpieces and yellowed report cards, attend every recital, spelling bee and sporting event we can cram into our schedules, wait sleeplessly for teens to come home, fall asleep praying for wisdom and miracles, cry at high school graduations and do everything we can to postpone our children's eventual departure from home. Because it is our children who give us something that cannot be obtained from any other source, a sense of place in a life that is more important than your own, the life of your child.


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